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looked after(looked after中文翻译)

care,careful,carefully的区别1:care既可作名词,也可作动词,意为:关心,喜爱。He looked after her with care.他悉心照顾她。2:careful作形容词,意为:小心的,认真的,修饰名词。常见短语:be careful注意,当心,小心 Be

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八年级完形填空6a 15-year-old boy一个15岁的男孩died years ago几年前就去世了looked after Cidy照顾辛迪left their house to go to school离开家去上学foud a old ma sleep

成语故事学习:No Differece 朝三暮四Oce upo a time, a old ma amed Li Tao lived ext to a big moutai. May mokeys lived o the moutai. Li Tao l

英语小故事:The Perfect Palace:Thousads of years ago, there lived a Kig. His people loved him sice he looked after their eeds well. At the ed of


After three days of absece, the scholar has to be looked at with ew eyes. 士别三日,刮目相看。(内容来自

英语教学反思(八) ||英语连系动词用法小结 ||英语连系动词作为英语最重要的词类——动词的一部分,在英语学习中非常重要。由于汉语里没有对应的表述,中国学生在初学阶段不得要领,既搞不清连系动词的基本用法,也把握不了英语五大句型之一的“主系表”结构。

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